‘Tis A Blessing to Be an American

There is nothing like a gigantic American flag flying high in the wind on a beautiful day to remind us how blessed we are to live in America! Thanks to so many men and women who have served our country faithfully over the years! Today, we especially remember those who gave their LIVES for our … Continue reading ‘Tis A Blessing to Be an American

Thankful Thursday – "Grand" Mothers

Big Granny, Mom, Aunt Gayle (Clockwise from Top)My Papa and "Little Granny" - Aren't they sweet?As we celebrated Mother's Day this week, I am so thankful for 3 GRAND Mothers - my grandmothers, Maggie Teal McKnight (1906-1978) and Annie Bell Heath McLendon (1900-1986) and my Mother, Nell McKnight McLendon who is pretty grand herself!  I … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – "Grand" Mothers

Thankful Thursday – Remembering Our Teachers

On this "Thankful Thursday" my attention is given to remembering my teachers who have influenced me through the years. This week is "Teacher Appreciation Week". While we find it hard to remember the governor, the president, etc., we don't tend to ever forget our teachers! Can you name your elementary school teachers? I can - … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Remembering Our Teachers

Cinco De Mayo

The Fifth of May - a great day to try these Fabulous Recipes! The Best Chicken FajitasComponents10-12 large tortilla shellsGrilled chicken breasts (See recipe)Refried black beans (See recipe)Sour creamPico de gallo (See recipe)Cooked white riceShredded cheeseShredded lettuceGrilled Chicken Breasts8 boneless, skinless chicken breasts1/2 bottle of Golden Dipt ginger teriyaki saucePlace the chicken breasts in a … Continue reading Cinco De Mayo

Happy Birthday Sweet Ebony!

In Loving Memory of Ebony Shandrell DegraffenriedMay 4, 1984 - February 9, 2008Today is what would have been the 28th birthday of a precious friend to our family, Ebony Degraffenried. Ebony's Mom, Pearl has been a part of our family as our cherished sitter since Elle, who is 11, was 3 months old. When sweet Ebony graduated from Central High School, … Continue reading Happy Birthday Sweet Ebony!

Thankful Thursday – Pay It Forward

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one." Mother TheresaPay It Forward Day 2012 was actually last Thursday, but I decided that you don't have to have a special day to "Pay It Forward" and I decided to write about Special Olympics and save this topic for today's "Thankful Thursday"! Just imagine … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Pay It Forward

Of Mice and Mozart and More

This past weekend, Peanut Butter and Jelly Players presented the musical, "Of Mice and Mozart" at Sprayberry Education Center. This theatrical production is based on the life of Mozart as told by the mice that lived in the framework of the Mozart Family House. Mozart's prominent music is featured along with a hilarious rhyming script … Continue reading Of Mice and Mozart and More