Reese’s Cup Cake from "Brundidge Bites"

While still on the subject of my hometown of Brundidge, Alabama, I wanted to  share a recipe that I recently made from Volume 3 of the "Brundidge Bites" Cookbook sponsored by the Brundidge Study Club. The recipe comes from the Peanut Butter Recipe Contest of 2004 - a contest that is held each year during … Continue reading Reese’s Cup Cake from "Brundidge Bites"

What’s for Breakfast? Easy Drop Danish

If you need a quick and easy breakfast recipe, this is a good one! This recipe was shared with me many years ago by my sweet friend, the late Myra Foreman. I had completely forgotten about it until I ran across it in my "tried and true" recipe box. I made it this morning for breakfast … Continue reading What’s for Breakfast? Easy Drop Danish

In Memory of Andy Griffith – A Fun Night in "Mayberry"

In Memory of Andy GriffithJune 1, 1926 - July 3, 2012When I think of the Andy Griffith show, which is on our TV, at least, once a day, I think of Andy and Opie and their father-son relationship. I thought this picture depicted my image of Andy Griffith - there a father spending time with his … Continue reading In Memory of Andy Griffith – A Fun Night in "Mayberry"