In Memory of Andy Griffith – A Fun Night in "Mayberry"

In Memory of Andy Griffith
June 1, 1926 – July 3, 2012
When I think of the Andy Griffith show, which is on our TV, at least, once a day, I think of Andy and Opie and their father-son relationship. I thought this picture depicted my image of Andy Griffith – there a father spending time with his son, teaching valuable life lessons and a son adoringly looking up to his father with respect. What a legend Andy left with this show!
To honor Andy, I am repeating a post from the archives of “‘Tis A Blessings to Be” – one of my earliest posts about a Mayberry birthday party theme for Barry’s Birthday party.
To celebrate my husband’s birthday, we had a Mayberry “suppa” (as Aunt Bee would say) with family and friends. He is a huge fan of the Andy Griffith show so it was the perfect theme for the occasion.
Our menu consisted of recipes mostly from the Aunt Bee’s Mayberry cookbook – Aunt Bee’s Fried Chicken (I will not fool anyone – it came straight from the Publix deli – I do not fry chicken!), Town Band Baked Beans, Thelma Lou’s Corn Casserole, Hash Browns Helen, Ernest T.ossed Salad (my own mixture), Helen’s Honor Rolls (by Sister Schubert), Briscoe’s Biscuits, Opie’s Oreo Ice Cream (yummy!), Aunt Bee’s Apple Pie and Red Velvet Cupcakes (Paula Deen’s Recipe). I posted the menu in a frame with white print with black background to resemble a chalkboard.
I “googled” photos of Mayberry characters in black and white, copied to cardstock, cut out, hole punched and tied with red,white and blue ribbon for napkin rings. Everybody had a different character at their place which made for great conversation! Each place setting had a sheriff’s badge. I purchased these in the western party section of Hobby Lobby.
For the red velvet cupcake tree, I made cupcake toppers (using Microsoft Word and a pair of scrapbooking scissors) with trivia questions about The Andy Griffith Show. The questions came from the Mayberry cookbook. More good conversation!

For party favors, we filled small white bags (from Hobby Lobby) with candy and bubble gum. Opie always went to Walker Drug for candy and gum. Printed on the bags: Walker Drug Store and Ellie Walker, R. Ph. She is one of our favorite characters as she shares a name with our daughter.
We finished off the evening playing a game of Mayberry trivia. Fun party!
By the way, Goober says “Hey!”

One thought on “In Memory of Andy Griffith – A Fun Night in "Mayberry"

  1. T.V. Shows and Actors come and go,but Mr.Griffith gave us such memerable people to love and laugh with .I would have been proud to call him Pa or have him defend me as he did so well on Matlock. From the first episode I said I wanted to live in Mayberry,I dont think anyone can watch that show and not say they wish they could live there even for a little while.A place where you felt safe and yet Pa always made sure youylearned your lesson but always with love . R.I.P. Kind Sir.


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