Brundidge Banter

My parents moved to Brundidge in 1956, 4 years before I was born. I have lived in Tuscaloosa longer than I lived in Brundidge but Brundidge will always be my hometown!

On our way to the beach this year, we stayed overnight with my Mom in Brundidge –  it just happened to be the day of the annual Fourth of July Parade! Everything about the parade reminded me of what it was like to grow up in Brundidge – great memories and ones I enjoyed sharing with my daughter. I took some photos of some sights around town. If you lived in Brundidge or have ever been there, let’s stroll down memory lane!

Main Street
Name this grocery store – Piggly Wiggly

The Tupper Lightfoot Memorial Library – now on Main Street – I remember going to story hour in the library behind Brundidge Baking Company (now BB&T) across the street from Brundidge Methodist Church.

Another view of the library – I love all the flags – Patriotism abounds in this small town!

First National Bank showing Local School Spirit 
 Go Bulldogs, Patriots, Trojans, Purple Cats, Tigers and Rebels!

What did this music store used to be? The Star Store, of course! Men, women, boys, girls could all shop there. I have so many memories of wrapping gifts at The Star Store during Christmas breaks for John and Hazel Adkins.

Price Pharmacy is still Price Pharmacy – Cool!
 Now what was on the corner?
 Brundidge Feed and Seed Store – now an Art Gallery owned by Henry Jinright

Danny Graham has been the State Farm Man almost forever
 but I remember when the State Farm Man was Vincent Allen.
 Does that make me old?

Another Brundidge Icon – Stinson’s Barber Shop!

OK, what did “Rue’s” used to be? OK Ramage!
Who remembers shopping with Mr. Al Hastey?

Foster’s Barber Shop was Brundidge Baking Company

Did you ever get custom cut meat from Mr. Lamar Belcher at the City Market on the corner?
 Of course, there wasn’t a gas station across the street then!
 It was the Western Auto owned by Tom Hinson.

Jackson Hardware – 1900 – Wow!
I had fun telling Elle how you could register your china when you got married and purchase the supplies to build something – all at Jackson Hardware!

Haven’t seen a political fan in a long time – reminded me of political candidates coming to town and driving around neighborhoods with loud speakers asking you to vote for their candidate – I especially remember the George Wallace and Albert Brewer running against each other – Pam and I would stand in our yards and cheer for whoever drove by!
If you lived in Brundidge, did you ever get a coke float from Dykes Drugs, now Hawkins Drugs? It was always fun to stop and get a float on the way home from the City Pool in the summer!

Can’t forget the Dime Store! I just remember getting toys from there and going there to get Olan Mills pictures made. Once, I had a photo made with my hair in a bun and Greg Botts called me Granny Clampett.
July 4th Parade – Always the Saturday before the holiday!

The same spot we used to watch the Christmas Parade from and waiting for Santa (a.k.a. Fred Walls) to arrive on the firetruck! Way too cool!
Scenes from the Parade – June 30, 2012
Brundidge Police Department
Jane Thrash, Miss Senior Pike County
 Beauty Queens from other towns
Miss and Little Miss Brundidge
P.C.H.S. Band Director


P.C.H.S. Bulldog Band

Wes Allen – Pike County Probate Judge
Brundidge City Hall
Johnston Parlor – Salem Baptist Church

Steed Tire Service



God Bless America and God Bless Brundidge!
What are your favorite memories of Brundidge (or any other small town)?
Comment and let me know!

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