Thankful Thursday – Special Children

Author Sharon HarrisOn the program last night for a Memorial Service for Sprayberry Education Center's "Heavenly Stars", was this poem about what a child with special needs means to a family. As our sweet physical therapist, Jenny, read this to the group of families, staff and students, I was thinking about the truth of these … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Special Children

The Best Brownie Pan Ever

 Look at these perfect brownies (made by Elle). The way to making these perfect brownies other than being a great baker is this fabulous pan from The Pampered Chef! Every brownie has the crusty chewy edge all the way around!! So, nobody's fighting over the brownies with the edge! We hosted a Pampered Chef Show with our … Continue reading The Best Brownie Pan Ever

Thankful Thursday – Early Intervention

 Annie and her Big Sister, Elle Tonight, when I was organizing Annie's closet, I reached up to put a box on the shelf and a photo album literally fell on my head. Instead of putting it back in place, I found myself looking at the pictures over and over an over again. It was Annie Bannie's … Continue reading Thankful Thursday – Early Intervention

Our Bras for a Cause

 Elle and I are participating in the DCH Foundation "Bras for a Cause" Fundraiser again this year. My entry, above, is "Praying for a Bright Future in Breast Cancer Research" is in honor of my girls (Elle and Annie) and in honor of my friend, Margie Hartley, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.  Elle's owls … Continue reading Our Bras for a Cause

The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook

 This past fall, I really enjoyed the Friday Football Fare posts. I am all about a good "Game Day" recipe no matter what sport is in season. One of my favorite Christmas gifts was "The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook" by Southern Living and Test Kitchen Director Rebecca Kracke Gordon!  This comprehensive book of tailgating includes: Countdown to … Continue reading The Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook

Stroll Down Memory Lane – T Shirt Quilts

>I have always wanted to make (or have made) t-shirt quilts for my girls. For months and years, I have been saving t-shirts that I just couldn't get rid of because of the special memories. It became a project for Granny (my Mother) - she read about different methods of assembly and talked to several people … Continue reading Stroll Down Memory Lane – T Shirt Quilts

The Cookie Sheet – Iced Strawberry Cookies

 These cookies made with strawberry cake mix cookies are sure to please - They are delicious! They are easy! They take less than 30 minutes to make! They are pretty! And only 3 ingredients that you can keep on hand for a quick and easy sweet treat!Iced Strawberry Cookies 1 strawberry cake mix 2 eggs 1/3 C. oil 2 – … Continue reading The Cookie Sheet – Iced Strawberry Cookies