On the Road to Omaha

So happy to see the Alabama Crimson Tide in the NCAA Regional Tournament! I know that there are 64 great teams in the regional field, but no one nearer and dearer to my heart that this group of young men!
First of all, these guys have surpassed most pre-season expectations! They are a fun group to watch. It’s never over until it’s over could be their motto – they simply do not quit! With lots of young guys making contributions, the future is bright for this team!
Most importantly, this team is made up of guys – coaches and players – with great heart and great character. When not playing baseball, you can find them out in the community involved in various areas of service – especially the Miracle League and Sprayberry Education Center. They delight these same groups with invitations to games at “The Joe” always treating these special children and others with love and respect!
You may say that I am cheering with a Mother’s heart and there’s no way they can make it to Omaha, let me just say you never know where hard work and discipline combined with heart and character will take you…..maybe all the way to Omaha!
Roll Tide and God Bless the Alabama Baseball Team!

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Today would have been my Daddy’s 82nd birthday. Rather than be sad, I am choosing to be happy today by remembering my Daddy’s sense of humor. He loved to laugh and to make others laugh!
When a group of couples friends were deciding where to go to dinner, one said, “let’s go somewhere we haven’t been in a while”. My Daddy walked into the kitchen.
When someone commented on his beautiful daughter 🙂 he always said “she got her looks from her Mother because I still have mine!”
He loved to tell a good joke or play a fun prank. On one of their many group trips, he stuck his head in the door of the men’s bathroom (full of his friends) and, in his best impersonation of a woman’s voice, he said, “did anyone see my little girl come in here?”. There was some scrambling going on in there and they all hurried to take care of their business and get out only to find out it was my Daddy. They told this story for years!
During the last hour before he went into surgery that ultimately took his life, he was laughing and joking with friends who were asking what they could do for him. He would start to get up and offer his place on the stretcher.
He was a “cut up” – anyone he knew could tell you that. My favorite sound in the world is hearing my girls laugh. He could always make them laugh and he would get tickled doing it. Just like the time he wore Elle’s “Lucy” wig from her Halloween costume!
The ability to be able to laugh and to make others laugh is a gift! I am thankful that he shared this gift with his family and friends and that sweet memories of all his crazy jokes make me smile today!
Hope your day is filled with laughter!

Be the Best


In honor and memory of Joe Best and Betty Best, I wear this pin today. Joe was the brother of my dear friend, Barbara Kucharksi. Betty was Barbara’s dear Mother. Joe and Betty shared May 20 as their birthday. When Joe passed away a several years ago after a battle with cancer, Barbara created this pin to honor him. She has since lost her Mother so it now honors her, too! Friends and family who wear the pin tell others, when asked about the pin, of these two humble servants of the Lord!

Fun, funny, caring, giving and selfless are words used to describe this mother and son. Barbara shares that they always put Christ first, then family and others. They were also doing nice things for others, even secretly. They were giving when it wasn’t required.
The best way to remember these two special people is to encourage others to be like them. On May 20th and every day, we can all learn from Betty and Joe – to live as servants of the Lord, always caring for others!
Let’s all “Be the Best” today and every day!