Best Chicken Salad EVER

When my friend, Kay Fields, posted this recipe on her Facebook page, I couldn’t wait to try it! In fact, I didn’t – not yet anyway – I know it’s good!
Best chicken salad EVER is how she describes it!
Here is the recipe for Kay’s Chicken Salad in her words: 1) I boil ONLY white large chicken breasts and using scissors trim off all fat and gristle, if any, and boil slowly so all that AWESOME FLAVOR gets in, for several hours (Yes, I Do This). 2) after chicken just falls apart, set aside to cool a bit, 3) Drain liquid off and use hands to toss and the chicken just shreds up so nicely, 4)Add all these ingredients as much or little as I want to (I never measure): Kraft Mayo, Pecans (I cut them up myself – don’t like them chopped), Green or Purple Seedless Grapes (I slice in half), Dill Pickle Chips (I cut these up as I see fit as well) and then 5) I pour some of the dill pickle juice over mixture to moisten if it’s a little dry. I may or may not add more Mayo. That’s it and I serve anyway I want – on regular bread, white or wheat, croissants, alone or with assorted crackers! YUMMY!!!!!! Then we eat it all up! If I ever have left overs  – of course, cover and put back in fridge. Next day, I usually add either Mayo or pickle juice again because it may be a little bit dry. That’s all!
Thanks, Kay, for sharing your recipe! If anyone else has fabulous recipes to share, send them to me with a photo and I would love to feature on this blog!

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