Pinterest Printables Project – Winter Survival Kit

 I love Pinterest! I knew I had pinned quite a few ideas - recipes, gift ideas, cute fonts, inspirational messages and so much more but had never given thought to how many ideas I had pinned until today - over 4000! That's crazy, I know, but the good thing is that I always know where … Continue reading Pinterest Printables Project – Winter Survival Kit

Growing Spiritually in 2015

  When I was a child, I remember watching a television show or movie about the "future" -  it was set in 2000 and that seemed SO far away.  Now it's 2015! Unbelievable! Thankful! Exciting! New Beginnings! Sometime last year, I ran across this article in the Tuscaloosa News and I clipped it for 2014 - as an … Continue reading Growing Spiritually in 2015