Market to Menu – Peach or Blueberry?

Tuscaloosa River Market
 I just love going to the farmer’s market on Saturday mornings! From fruit to vegetables to meat to baked good to flowers – they have it all! My problem is that I want to buy something from everybody. First of all, they are all so nice but also I realize how hard they worked to give us a great product. How do I decide that one person’s blueberries are better than another? Tough decisions! Yesterday’s purchases included strawberries, blueberries, green peppers (so shiny that they didn’t look real), and pecans. Oh, and piece of Emily’s pound cake. I wonder why it didn’t make the picture? Yummy!!

I love the gladiolus – buy these from he same sweet lady every year. She reminds me of my grandmother and she always throws in an extra. I got the blueberries and strawberries for making breakfast for my Sunday School class. And the pecans – well, I didn’t need them but I couldn’t resist. The sweet older man reminded me of my Papa. My Papa used to pick up pecans, shell them and give them to me in bread bags because I liked to bake. My Daddy also cracked and shelled many bazillion pecans for me (and everybody else in town – he was the “pecan man”). Sweet memories! I asked the man if he shelled them himself – he said, “every single one”. How could I not buy them? Oh, well, I will use them!
So, I didn’t end up using the strawberries for my breakfast. I also had some peaches that I got at “Back Forty” in Demopolis this week so I made these two recipes. They were a big hit so thought I would share the recipes directly from these blogs.
So, blueberry or peach? Which is your favorite?