‘Tis A Blessing to Be…..

‘Tis A Blessing to Be – the Blog – began in January 2012. The date was January 12 – just 2 days after the 7th Anniversary of my bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma. I’m sure I was celebrating a good report as I have in every year since!  In my original post, I said that this blog would not be about cancer but about “living life and enjoying what you do”.  That’s where the name came from! I am just SO thankful for the success of my transplant that was a “cure” for me.  Since the beginning, this blog has been about celebrating, cooking, creating and inspiring! I later added cheering and supporting! Celebrating – We love a party and I’ve shared some of our parties over the years – menus, decorations and more! Cooking – I love to cook and share my favorite recipes. You can be sure that, when I share a recipe, that it is tried and true. Creating – I love being creative and have shared some cute ideas I’ve found – probably on Pinterest!  Inspiring – I love to share inspirational stories of people I know (and a few that I didn’t know personally). Supporting – Feeling so blessed to be alive, I love supporting good causes/good people and from time to time participate in fundraising (i.e. especially for Annie’s school) so I will occasionally post about giving opportunities – only ones I support and/or am personally involved in! Cheering – we love sports and sometimes I just have to share some good sports stories and not just about MY favorites! Since I went back to work in 2013, the blogging has been sporadic but I still enjoy it and plan to find more time for sharing the things I love.

So, today, is a kind of re-launch of ‘Tis a Blessing to Be as I have moved from Blogspot to Wordpress and have a new look! I hope that you will find something of interest to you. Follow by email and don’t miss a post! If it’s not your “cup of tea” that day, simply scroll on!

So, what do you love doing? Fill in the Blank……. Tis A Blessing to Be ________________!

Blessings to you!


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